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Hera & pauwWhat connects the peacock (pauw), wedding and love
Old folk tales and literature have already mentioned the peacock as a sign of love and the gods. A great example being Hera, the goddess of love and marriage, easily recognized by her peacock feather.

The story about Hera and the peacock
Zeus, the father of gods and men wasn’t the most loyal husband. When Hera, his wife, found out about his affair with Io, she changed her into a cow and locked her away in a cave. The cave was then guarded by Argus, a giant with a hundred eyes. Zeus, feeling sorry for Io, sent Hermes to free her from the cave. Hermes decided to get Argus to sleep by telling him all sorts of stories. Once successful he killed Argus and freed Io. Hera was furious for the loss of her loyal servant and decided to offer his eyes as a gift to the peacock, her favorite bird.

Oh, and something else

I like to use this story as a metaphor that’s not only about weddings. I am not really the ‘sweet, pink’ type (no offence!), but enjoy the bright colors of the peacock more. The peacock nicely reflects my personality; from almost ‘invisible’ to ‘here I am’ in just a matter of seconds, just by opening her beautiful tail feathers. And all those eyes, allowing you to keep track of everything at the same time! So also for those reasons: PAUWeddings (note that my last name is not ‘pauw’ but ‘Veldkamp’!)

More ‘peacock & love’ facts!

  • Many people believe finding a peacock feather is an omen of good luck
  • The peacock is the oldest, known ornamental bird and are known for their flirting, showing their beautiful feathers!
  • A special breed of peacock is the white peacock, also known as the bridal peacock.

white peacock