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If we hire you as our wedding planner, will you also take care of styling?

I can, but it depends on the amount of time available and your wishes. Everything depends on your wishes and the budget. I have worked with several different stylists, I can do it myself or I can bring in my own assistant that takes care of styling. For Italian weddings; I most often do take care of all styling. Anything is possible, so above all, let’s discuss it!

If we hire you as our wedding planner, does this automatically mean your will be the master of ceremony on the wedding?

I would very much like that! Organizing everything prior to the wedding, there’s probably no one that knows the program better. I’d be a privilege to make sure everything goes as planned. I will support you throughout the day, as the main contact as well as for guests, suppliers and all of the locations. This is included in my wedding planning fee. So yes 🙂

What if you fall ill?

Another situation I took care of. I often work together with Lovely Day weddingplanning, a very enjoyable cooperation. We assist each other at weddings and can take over each other’s project on the wedding day if necessary. We’ve combined our format for scripts and keep each other informed on projects whilst preparing for a wedding. This means we can step in anytime if a situation does so require. This means you can rest assured and feel confident your wedding receives the support and guidance it requires. A warm and comforting feeling.

Why are your rates not fixed for wedding planning or wedding day coordinator duties?

Simply because it will always be a custom built service, based on your wishes and expectations. Some require me to process all RSVP’s or take care of the styling as well, where other do that themselves, or already have it covered.

Wedding planner sound great! But would we be able to afford it?

I am certain every budget has a suitable option in the packages I offer. From complete weddingplanning or being your wedding day coordinator till helping you out with specific matters during preparation in the form of a coaching/consultation session.

Which suppliers do you work with?

I’ll work with any. I’ve obviously built up a network of good suppliers over the years, those that I trust and have shown they deliver. I am more than happy to find other, more suitable suppliers. Or if you specific ideas on who to work with, I welcome suggestions. I am very keen on quality but also very curious, confident that both my business instinct and intuition will guide me.

Will it really be our wedding when we ask you take care of things as our wedding planner?

Yes! I work for you and together with you on your wedding. You will always have a final say in things, deciding what to do and what not. If you want to organize certain parts of the wedding yourself, not a problem! I always say: enjoy the benefits, let me worry about the burdens. Furthermore I work in the modus and style that reflects the couple; both in communication (some prefer e-mail, others use the phone) and styling and everything that concerns the look and feel of your wedding.

We’ve already asked someone to act as a master of ceremony but we also want to work with you. How do we go about that?

This shouldn’t be a problem! It happens more often that I work side by side a previously selected master of ceremony, usually a good friend or family member of the couple. This actually means that the wedding will be more enjoyable for this friend/family member, since I will be doing most of the work. She/he then only needs step in when requested, for example because the situation requires that personal touch. I will always discuss this with you before I contact the masters of ceremony to communicate and arrange this.

How do we keep in touch during the preparation?

Most of our communication will be via e-mail and through my online wedding system, allowing us to work in the same documents and giving you a full overview of where we are in the organisational process. Depending on how much time between our first meeting and the wedding we will sit down together x-number of times. Obviously it is always possible to pick up the phone or use skype.

How much do we pay you when we hire PAUWeddings?

My fee (based on my hourly fee) is set and communicated in advance so you know exacctly what I will do for you. All other costs from other suppliers are forwarded to you directly. You decide how to spend your money and on what part of the wedding. Some feel styling is the most important where other much rather focus on location or photographer. As such it’s not strange the cost per item will differ.

How much do you charge for the initial meeting?

Our first meeting comes at no additional charge. Couples often tell me that the first meeting also feels in part like a consultation, call it enthousiasm!

Why first meet? Can’t you just send us a proposal?

I more than happily to send you an offer! However I don’t want to before I had the opportunity to personally meet you. I want to know whom I work for as I am sure you want that to! I then create a personalized offer, which means I need lots of information. Something that guarantees my offer will match your ideas and wishes (and after meeting we know if we have ‘the click’).

What about our initial contact? What is it like?

You contact me via e-mail or phone. I try to respond as fast as I can. Often I have additional questions. Things that I would like to know: the number of guest you plan to invite, any thought on the program of your wedding day, what you’d expect from me, what your total budget is. Once you’ve responded to that I try to arrange a free consultation. Based on that meeting I can then provide you with a personalized offer/proposal.


How long before our wedding should we cont(r)act you?

Whatever comes natural. Some couples I start working with more than a year before their wedding, others come to me 2 months before the big day. Everything is possible. Do keep in mind that the longer you wait, the less time you have to decide on essential topics. But sometimes that befits a couple!

How long before our wedding should we contract you?

Whatever comes natural. Some couples I start working with more than a year before their wedding, others come to me 2 months before the big day. Everything is possible. Do keep in mind that the longer you wait, the less time you have to decide on essential topics. But sometimes that befits a couple!