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The face behind PAUWeddings

Who is the person behind PAUWeddings?
Like a peacock with its hundreds of eyes she oversees everything, both curious and smart she keeps an eye on everything, that’s me!

About me and my work
Read the interviews on The Perfect Wedding and on the website of photographer Capure Love (both in Dutch) to learn more about who I am what my work means to me .

Experience in organizing creatively

Once I finished my higher professional education hotel management (with marketing specialization), I spent 14 years working namely in the hospitality, entertainment and event industry. That is where I obtained my organizational and management skills. In 2010 I obtained my post-bachelor coaching degree, further enhancing my management skills. I’ve been a member of NOBCO since then (Dutch association of coaching professionals). For more information regarding my work experience I refer to my LinkedIn profile.

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Friends, colleagues and acquaintances have asked me in the past to organize their wedding. At some point even friends of friends (of friends…). Organize is my middle name, and they know that! My scenary has been the base (and savior) of many a great party.

It’s not surprising that my work related experience on the reference page goes back all the way to 2003, even though I officially started PAUWeddings in 2012 (as in registering at the Chamber of Commerce).

When you add up my education, work experience and above all enthusiasm and determination, wedding planning becomes obvious. Nothing trumps being able to enjoy the work that you do, excel at it and at the same time provide others with the most enjoyable day of their life!

What I feel is most important?
I love to be ‘cho’, Curious, Honest and Open. I enjoy being inspired and love to inspire. I am a sentimentalist with good common sense. Creative, swift and enthusiastic, I love a challenge and diversity. I enjoy working for and with other people. Mutual respect is key and humor a necessity. What holds true in life with family and friends is equally important in how I do my work. What you see, is what you get.

IMG_0137bWhat about after hours?
In my spare time I enjoy dancing the Argentine Tango, all be it is not as often as I’d like to. I love to travel, Italy being a favorite destination. I even lived there for a period of time, so it’s no surprise I organize weddings in Italy! Want to know more about that? Please read this section! I greatly enjoy music, I play the violin myself, live together with my boyfriend (yes, I’m not married, yet!) and two cats. I am 38 years old and live in The Hague, the city of peace and justice.

When I do something, I do it right

Up until July 2013 I was combining my wedding plan activities with a fulltime job, I then decided to focus only on wedding planning. Because something you nurture and focus on will grow. And the success of PAUWeddings is a testament to that. Although work experience does count for a lot, I decided to obtain the official title of Wedding & Event Planner and decided I wanted to learn from the best. So I went to London, to join in the fantastic, international course (and network group) of 3 of worlds’ best wedding planners, Sarah Haywood (UK), Marcy Blum (USA) and Diane Khoury (Australia): EPIC being the Event Planners International Collaborative. I learned so much from these guru’s! I also did an (online) course names Aisle Academy (with Janine Duff, Ashley Malone and Krista Jane Olynyk) about how to run your wedding-based-business that gave me many useful tips!
Besides this, and mostly out of curiosity, I completed the online courses ‘Wedding Planner’ en ‘Executive Master Wedding Management’ at ‘Event & Media Education’ (Milan) in 2013 (and am very happy I have a bachelor degree as a professional background as these last two felt more like a hobby course ;-). But well, there is always something to learn!

Finally… is it wise to employ my services?
Besides the fact that I am a perfectionist keen on solving any problem that arises and won’t stop before that job is done, my company is officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce (reg# 55895824). Besides this, I am a reasonable person and as long as you are too, I am confident this provides all the assurance you might need 😉 And of course, we work with an extensive contract and general terms and conditions that secure the both (3) of us.

Hope to hear from you shortly!
Warm regards,

Jacqueline Veldkamp

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