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moneyPackage and cost made to fit your needs
PAUWeddings offers a range of options with varying cost in support of the organization of your wedding. Guaranteed to fit both your needs AND budget.

Time or money?
Make no mistake; organizing a wedding will require a lot of effort. By getting the help of a wedding planner you are choosing on what to invest: time or money?
Quality time together or organizational stress. How much is that worth? Also keep in mind that it’s not common to spend that much money on just one day. It is imperative to spend it wisely; something a professional can help with. Someone that deeply understands the ‘world of weddings’ and at the same time supports you.

So how much is it then?

Obviously cost depends on your needs and wishes. Not a satisfying answer? Bear in mind that some really desire more than others. As such it’s not strange that the cost of my service will vary. Based on our first introduction I will provide a tailor made quote.
I always work with a fixed fee, meaning a pre-defined amount. To ensure there will be no unpleasant surprises (additional cost) after the wedding.

My fee is based on an hourly fee. Of course, you will find the number of hours I expect to work for you in my offer. I never spend more hours, without consulting you first (and in time!) and by now, I am pretty good in estimating a realistic amount of hours. My hourly fee is € 70,- including 21% VAT and excluding travel expenses.

When choosing ‘weddingplanning’ or  ‘wedding day coordination’, I will base my hours on our initial meeting and your wishes. Please keep in mind that the number of hours will be influenced by the number of guests, thhe program, your whishes and the available total budget.

It’s up to you to decide when my fee is proportional to your entire budget. I feel that, in the case of wedding day coordination, this is, roughly speaking, the case if your total budgets exceeds €20.000,- and for weddingplanning for budgets from €25.000,- /30.000,- (often exclusive dress, suit, rings, honeymoon). If you have less budget, but still require help there are always possibilities. Combining a master of ceremony with some help in the preparation phase (coaching, consult) you should be well on your way! Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Lots of wedding couples ask me, what the costs for a wedding in Italy will be. I cannot really give you one answer to this question as it is depending on your whishes, number of guests, the location and the program. Just to give you an indication, I feel that from € 25.000,- you can organise a nice Italian wedding (and what is or is not included, f.e. looking at the costs for overnight stays and food at the days around the weddding day for your guests, is depending on the above).