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Below I would like to explain how I approach my work. It’s good to know that my approach will differ per package and even per wedding. For an explanation on the differences in package, please go to this page. All differences aside, there is also a constant. Besides enthusiasm, discretion, creativity, structure, humor, clarity and professionalism you can always expect the following:

Free consultation introduction
Once you have contacted me, either via e-mail of by phone, I would first like to set a meeting so we can meet in person. This way we can get to know each other better and at the same time this allows me to hear about your plans. This free consultation introduction is part of every package.

A quotation, no strings attached
Based on all the information gathered by me I will provide you with a quotation, allowing you to decide if you would like me to be involved with the organization of your wedding.

A personal touch
No person is the same as is no wedding. You are entitled to a truly personal approach, no “franchised wedding”. I work for and with you on this project, which means a tailor-made wedding, based on your needs and wishes. Your needs are leading, guaranteeing your remain in control of your own wedding!

2003 huwelijk dave en kas 059Documentation and formats
Depending on the package I will provide you with documentation with both suggestions and tips, clearly structured to help you with all the preparations and decisions. Items such as a format for the guest list, ideas for an original (alternative) guestbook, budget overview, etc. The type of support you need dictates which documentation I share with you. There is no sense in providing you with a weddingscript template if you choose the weddingplan package (as I will take care of that in such case).

Deal is a deal
When we decide on how to proceed you can expect me to follow up on that and communicate clearly about it. Oh, I do expect the same from you guys in order to achieve that great cooperation! 🙂

Out of the box
I will do my utmost best to surprise you. By paying attention to seemingly small details and bringing ideas to the table you might not expect, ideas that will certainly make a lasting impact on your special day.

Experience and determination

Through years of experience I am capable of solving even the most unexpected situations. I am very adept at solving problems and take away any worries and concerns you might have, while always maintaining honest and realistic.

In case of an emergency / Always a backup
And to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises I always have a backup weddingplanner for your special day, just to make sure! This will always be a weddingplanner that knows how I work and is brought up to speed on your wedding. That way you can rest assured all goes well.

 (Do you have) more questions?
Check my FAQ page  to see if your question has already been answered or contact me!