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Wedding day coordination

zww pauwTaking care of things (before and) on your wedding day
When you prefer to arrange everything yourselves prior to the wedding and only need help on the wedding day, I can be your wedding day coordinator.

Often the first response is to ask a close friend or relative to help out, sometimes they themselves offer to help out. Make no mistake, that person will be working, actively and consciously contributing to the success of your wedding. When you ask a professional wedding day coordinator to step in, you do not need to burden one of your guests with this task, enabling them to enjoy the wedding as much as other guests. The experience I possess should provide you with the comforting feeling that everything will run smoothly. I’ll be working behind the scenes so you can shine center stage, in front of all your guests.

After our first acquaintance meeting I’ll help you start of preparations for the wedding. We will keep in touch during the preparation phase to allow you to ask questions and keep me abreast of the progress. I will help you with a format to write your wedding scenary, so nothing will be forgotten. If you like I can also create this for you. A couple of weeks before the wedding day I will contact all your suppliers and keep in touch with them from there on.
During the wedding I will be the wedding day coordinator. This means I’ll be a hostess, wedding planner, and organization tiger all-in-one. Allowing you to shine and leave the organizational aspects of the wedding in my professional care.

Often this package is combined with a number of consultation talks or weddingcoaching. To add just that little bit of extra support during all the preparations. And it is always possible to create a tailor-made package, based on your needs and wishes!

In case you are considering to add a special theme to your special day? PAUWeddings definitely can provide suggestions as part of this package!

Need inspiration? Check (for example) the wedding of Carolien & Daniel who I assisted as their wedding day coordinator+ wedding consultation/coaching in the preparations.