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Wedding coaching

pauw attacks pauwA helpline at your request
Would you like to organize the wedding yourself but think a helpline would be nice to be able to fall back onto? PAUWeddings is there to help you as the weddingcoach on call.

Consider it a helpline, a sounding board, a creative and sharp set of eyes. When you are looking for structure, have second thoughts or doubts, or whenever you feel you might have lost your sense of direction.

Weddingcoaching is different from a consultation, with the latter we sit down for a couple of hours, whereas weddingcoaching is meant for those situations where you just have a question that requires a fast answer!


All of the work will be done by yourself and my role is to personally support and guide you.
Only for those topics that you’d need me and feel the need to discuss. We will always first sit down for a first acquaintance, simply because I believe my advice will be better if it has a personal touch, something that is easier to provide when we’ve met before. It also gives you the opportunity to know where the advice is coming from, From there on we will communicate via e-mail or phone. Both on a regular basis or adhoc (you will always get an answer within 48 hours, often sooner). At the startof  the weddingcoach term we will decide on how often you can call on me. That too is a personal choice.

Weddingcoaching – practical
Weddingcoaching – coaching the practicality of the wedding. This means anything that has to do with the preparation of your wedding. For example; do you have your priorities straight, how do you find a good supplier, need advice on styling, how do you print address forms for guest envelops, etc, etc. Do you have a question or need some advice? I’ll help you. It’s as easy as it sounds.


logo nobcoWeddingcoaching – personal
Weddingcoaching – coaching the personal side of the wedding. Let’s say your lost, stress hits you, you are turning into a ‘bridezilla’, or have to deal with one 🙂 In short: your navigation is lost.
Coaching by me means I’ll be to the point, focused on getting you back on track. No meditating stuff with me! My professional education prepared me for this task. And it’s good to know I am associated with NOBCO (Dutch coaching association) and EMCC (European coaching association).

How to tell this package (personal coaching) fits your needs?

  • Because sometime you run into yourself during the stressful and busy preparations of your wedding….
  • You suddenly see a side of that special other that you’ve never seen before and don’t know how to deal with that…
  • You’ve turned into a bridezilla you never thought you’d be (and don’t want to be)
  • You notice you are getting cold feet, even though you were confident you were ready..
  • Organizing the wedding just appears to be too much, resulting in stress…
  • You feel the need to express your emotions, but don’t want to burden your other half..
  • You feel the need to be more grounded in this project…
  • Your mind just went blank and are somehow lost in all of this…

logo emccBy asking questions and provide feedback on your reactions I will help you organize your thoughts, create order where there was chaos before. Because you are worth it! Coaching by me means I’ll be direct and focuses on results and giving you the energy needed to continue. No wooly language from me; I need to be able to connect to you.
Personal coaching is always about you. That means it is not relationship therapy..