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The colors of the Peacock feather depend on how light reflects them. The same can be said about the services of PAUWeddings; they are reflected by your needs. You choose the color that fits you best.
Select a photo below for an extensive explanation on the possibilities (sorry, photolinks are in Dutch!). You need not worry. You can always mix these colors at a later stage; this means you can expand or change the color to suit your needs that may arise during this exciting journey.

Note: press the photobuttons makes you end up on the Dutch explanation page of that particular possibility. Press the English flag button on the right top of the page and there is your explanation in English!



Overall organisation

Ceremoniemeester / Wedding day coordination

Professional wedding day coordination

Wedding consult

Just a little bit of help and DIY


Advise on call


Organisatie van privé of bedrijfsevenementen / Organisation of private of business events

Proposal planner

Organisation wedding proposal


Styling of your wedding


Professioneel uitnodigingstraject / Professional invitation process